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When did you start cooking low ‘n’ slow style?

We received a Weber as a wedding gift 18 years ago. I started off cooking snags and steaks with wood chips, but found my calling when TV shows started bringing a profile to low ‘n’ slow barbecue.

First Barbecue?

The Wedding Weber

Barbecue of Choice?

I have a second hand Imperial Kamado. It was around before I was born and cracked to hell but it’s a pleasure to use. It gets the job done every time and I love it! I also welded a wood burning off-set style BBQ which I’m very proud of.

Favourite Meat?


Favourite Side?

Jalapeno Poppers

Specialty Dish?


Barbecuing Influence?

I’m intrigued by the way Americans have developed this style of cooking. The culture surrounding Texan BBQ has been a huge influence and I’m looking forward to this crazy journey with my BBQ brothers.