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First Barbecue?

My first solid fuel BBQ was a Weber about 11-12 years ago. I’ve never used gas at home since.

Barbecue of Choice?

Kamado. Its versatility, especially for home use is second to none. I appreciate its ancient origins. By chance 6 years ago, when looking through YouTube I stumbled on a channel called Man Cave Meals by John Setzler. He filmed his Kamado adventures with a camcorder and introduced me to low ‘n’ slow style BBQ. I just continued watching various YouTube channels on BBQ like Mancave Meals and Smokey Ribs. Those backyard cooks inspired me to purchase a Kamado.

Favourite Meat?


Favourite Side?

Jalapeno Poppers

Specialty Dish?

Beef Cheeks

Barbecuing Influence?

Definitely the YouTube home pitmasters – John Setzler (Man Cave Meals), Russ Jones (Smokey Ribs) and Malcom Reed (How to BBQ Right)